Exotics and Livestock

Exotics Pet Sitting in the San Fernando Valley

Valley Pet Sitting takes care of more than just dogs and cats. Our pet sitters are experienced with all types of care required by different animal species. In addition to all general home care duties, our pet sitters will clean cages, refresh food and water, remove waste as needed. Your beardie’s enclosure will be nice and warm, ensuring heat lamps are functioning, and your gecko’s home will be misted to ensure he’s properly hydrated.

Water levels on aquariums will be monitored to ensure levels aren’t too low and filters are working properly. Birds will be tucked in at night with their covers and served their fresh fruit or seeds when we wake them up in the morning. We have also cared for rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, mice, and various other ‘less common’ house pets.

Exotics Pet Sitting
Exotic Pet Sitting  snakes
Exotic Pet Sitting  rabbits
Exotic Pet Sitting birds
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Livestock Pet Sitting in the San Fernando Valley

Woooaaahhhh Nelly! Valley Pet Sitting does livestock too?!

That’s right! If you are fortunate enough to have horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc on your property, we consider ourselves lucky to come by to provide basic care for them. In addition to general home care duties, we can take care of rounding up your chickens for bed, feeding everyone their meals, refreshing water, brushing & body checks as needed and other basic care needs. Home care includes mail retrieval, plant watering, and trash.

Livestock Pet Sitting
Livestock Pet Sitting  pig
Livestock Pet Sitting  chicken
Livestock Pet Sitting horse


Medication Administration

(*Injection/IV available for additional charge)

Walks, litter box changes, potty breaks

Mail/package retrieval

Training reinforcement*

Feedings, fresh water, treats

Houseplant watering, and trash disposal

Any other in home care requests

*Unfortunately, Valley Pet Sitting does not offer pet boarding or dog training (only reinforcement of current trainings provided by our clients to use during services) at this time.

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