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Here at VPS, we understand each pet and family has varying schedules and needs. With our easy scheduling, visits can be customized to accommodate even the most complex of routines. Whether its a quick 30 min anytime of day to check in on your kitty, coming back every few hours for puppies getting used to ‘holding it’, or longer stays lasting several hours, VPS will always do our best to maintain consistency in your pet’s normal routine.

Meet and Greet

Meet and greets are available for new clients establishing services for the first time. This is a great way to introduce our sitters to your home and pet care routines. After our initial setup call, clients will be sent their Precise Pet Care login information to begin filling out their pet/home care details before meeting with our VPS Sitters. Once your profile is completed, our sitters will arrive to your meeting prepared with your information and address any follow up questions they may have regarding your care.

The meet and greet is confirmed as soon as the client profile is completed and a deposit is paid. When services begin we will credit the deposit back on the third service. If the first service is not rendered or the meet and greet is cancelled on the same day, the deposit is not refundable.

Established clients may also meet pet sitters at any time to review major routine changes, new pets, or a new home. Please contact our office for more details so we can schedule it your needs. Applicable visit rate will apply per pet sitter,

*Meet and greets are not required as long as your pets are friendly and all information on home and pet care are completed on your Precise Pet Care account.

Meet and Greet

Dog Walking

Our neighborhood walks are exclusive to you and your pups; no shared walking with other clients dogs or unwanted contact with others out walking. This is a great opportunity for them to get some exercise, reinforce their established training techniques, see what’s new and enjoy the fresh air. We are also happy to include playtime, lavish your dog with attention, or simply provide companionship.
Services - Dog Walking

Pet Sitting

Drop in appointments are available for all types of animals as well as just home care whenever you need. Our drop in visits can be booked in various time durations from 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour or more, to create a custom schedule suitable to you and your pet’s needs. We are happy to accommodate whatever care is needed for your household and special accommodations can be made for pets and owners with medical restrictions or those that need continuous companionship until their owners arrive home.
Pet Sitting

Exotic Pet Sitting

Valley Pet Sitting takes care of more than just dogs and cats. From beardies and geckos to parrots and ferrets, VPS understands what it takes to care for less common pets and their unique needs. In addition to all general home care duties, our pet sitters will clean cages, refresh food and water, remove waste as needed
Exotic Pet Sitting (

Livestock Pet Sitting

Woooaaahhhh Nelly! Valley Pet Sitting does livestock too?!
That’s right! If you are fortunate enough to have horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc on your property, we consider ourselves lucky to come by to provide basic care for them. In addition to general home care duties, we can take care of rounding up your chickens for bed, feeding everyone their meals, refreshing water, brushing & body checks as needed and other basic care needs.

Livestock Pet Sitting

Other Pet Care Services

VPS offers a wide range of other services to assist you such as house sitting (no animals present), hotel and office visits to take care of your travelling pets, supply runs and pet taxi services throughout the San Fernando Valley.
Other Pet Care Services

What’s Included in Services

Feedings, Fresh Water, Treats

Potty Breaks – Dog Walks and Backyard time

Litter Cleaning

House Plant Watering Indoor/Outdoor

Trash Disposal

Mail and Package Retrieval

Additional In Home Care Requests

Home Security Check

Medication Administration (*Injection/IV available for additional charge)

Training Reinforcement (*Owner provides current material they want reinforced)

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