Bon R.
Reseda, Los Angeles CA
Yelp Feviews If there is a rating greater than 5 stars, I would give it to Valley Pet Sitting as it is something they deserve! I have used Valley Pet Sitting for over 2 years now and I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing these guys have been! Ginger and Bailey have been very happy with their Pet Sitter Sara who has become family to us! She loves my dogs like her own! This is something I love about them! They set you up to a permanent sitter almost 100% of the time. If there had been times pet sitters were switched, it's only because of the request times I made which is very understandable. Having Sara around whenever we are out is like having a family member come over. My dogs know her and they love her! Consistency just made everything less stressful for my dogs. Big big thank you for all that you do, Valley Pet Sitters!! We love you guys so much!! 'Til our next!!