Kirsten S.
Oak Park, CA
Yelp Feviews Dear Human Reading This Screen, My name is Queen Bug, and I am the world's most regal, amazing, beautiful, fluffiest cat. My humans leave me from time to time (good riddance to the lady of the house who claims SHE is the queen. I know better), but I never worry because the staff of Valley Pet Sitting are always there to be royal subjects in my kingdom. They always feed me on time, they scoop my poop (mwahahahaha!), and they only take pictures of my good side...which is every side, just so you know. I hear that they then email my human slaves my photos to admire and adore. I love the staff of the Kingdom of the Valley of Pet Sitting. Madame Shira is simply wonderful and always makes sure I have the very best in care and love. Now where is my mouse? I must go play with my mouse on a stick. Signed, The royalest of felines, the queen of the clowder, Her Majesty Bug