What you need to know about owning and caring for exotic pets

February 21, 2021
What you need to know about owning and caring for exotic pets

Generally, most people tend to have cats and/or dogs in their home as pets. Yet there are plenty of other types of animals ready to be adopted and enjoyed by the whole family. When considering adopting a cute and unexpected new exotic friend, there may be a few things you should know before you bring them home.

Snakes are wonderful pets to have in your home. A lot of people might be deterred by them due to fear or common misconceptions. What you need to know is that your scaly friends make for some awesome pets. Corn snakes are small and very easy to take care of, and many classrooms might already have them around for your kids to see. They are a great first snake but there are so many different breeds to choose from. Snakes have a pretty slow metabolism and only need to eat about once a week, depending on their preferences and breed. If you have a child, they might find it particularly fascinating to feed them as snakes like to eat (thawed) mice. But be aware that snakes can sometimes be little escape artists so if you have any little ones running around, perhaps a different pet might be a better fit for your home and family.

Another great exotic pet is the Bearded Dragon. You’ve probably seen them around before in your local pet store as they are common as house pets. These little guys are great with kids and they enjoy eating bugs that can be purchased in stores. Make sure their tanks are warm as they are cold blooded, like snakes and will likely need heating lamps to keep them warm. The bearded dragons hail from Australia so keeping them accustom to those warm temperatures is key which isn’t too hard for sunny Southern California.

If you like birds, there are a lot of wonderful birds looking to get adopted out there. In preference to something small, you can look into getting Green Amazon or Conure birds which come in an array of colors. Keep in mind, those birds are highly social and prefer to stay in groups. There are also medium size birds like the African Grey Macaw or White Cockatoo who are highly intelligent birds. Then there are larger birds like the colorful Yellow and Blue Macaw as well as the Scarlet Macaw and Military Macaw which is just a bright green color. These are all very smart birds that can adapt to many climates but mostly stay solitary. Just make sure to have a large cage to house the type of bird you wish to own. They enjoy munching on seeds and nutriberries. And most birds enjoy playing with toys and socializing with people. You can even teach some of them to verbally repeat commands unlike other of our furry friends.

There are so many other great options when searching for exotic pets. Saltwater fish would be considered exotic and with their lovely color palette, you can see why. All fish require a balance when it comes to their care so be sure to do plenty of research on how cold or warm the water temperature should be as well as which types of fish get along well with each other.

If you do not find what you are looking for at your local pet store, you can always ask for some help in finding a specific type of pet. A store might not carry the type of fish or bird you want but perhaps the know where you can get it. When choosing a new best friend for your family, be sure to talk with them and decide together if an exotic pet is right for all of you. You never know what kind of pet your family can learn to love so it never hurts to look at your options. Here are some tips from Dr. Evan Antin who sees exotic patients at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, http://people.com/pets/let-people-pet-vet-evan-antin-find-the-perfect-exotic-animal-for-you/ and good luck finding your next family member!!!

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